Our Story

Kokoro Botanicals

We are a husband & wife team that have a zest for life and live every day to its fullest! We live by the motto ‘work hard and play hard’. With us both being busy city professionals, having a deep-rooted passion for health & fitness, a new born son and fast approaching our forties (shhhh don’t tell anyone!), we both started to feel the toll physically and mentally…

This is where our CBD journey began…

It was in 2017 when we were first introduced to CBD oil. Our first thought was on its taste, it had an artificial flavouring, which was pleasant but almost too sweet and did not seem like a natural product. We started to use it as directed throughout regular points of the day, however apart from the potential placebo effects we thought it might be providing us with we did not notice any real improvements to our day-to-day health & wellbeing.

We started to trace back the ingredients to their origin to help us understand the product. This is where we began to learn the information suppliers could provide us with was limited. For example, they could only tell us a region (mainly in the US) and could not locate the plant to the farm it originated form. Suppliers could not confirm the product was organic or certified vegan, we also learnt that many suppliers are only offering a broad-spectrum version of the oil and not a full spectrum, which truly offers the full health benefits (entourage effect). Finally, we realised, many flavours used in the products are artificial and not tested for rancidity.

In 2020, after spending time truly understanding CBD’s and the real health benefits it can bring to your everyday life. We have worked tirelessly to bring to the market the highest quality cold pressed CBD that is:

# Full spectrum

# Manufactured in a SALSA approved facility

# Produced in Europe with full traceability

# Certified organic 

# 100% vegan

# Infused with Hemp oil

# Naturally flavoured

In 2021, we are super excited to bring you a new range of premium quality cannabis products that all meet the high standards we have set for our brand. We have a delicious cannabis tea, which we ourselves now use on a daily basis, as well as a luxury range of CBD infused chocolate bars (Dark, Mint & Orange). All of our products are certified Organic and Vegan as well as being independently lab tested. We hope you enjoy our new range as much as we do!

UK based premium grade Cannabis products

We only believe in using the highest quality food and supplements in our everyday life. This is an ethos we want our son to grow up with and we are proud to present this our product range as a reflection of our beliefs.

More Details

We are a UK based company that is proud to say we have full traceability of each stage of the cannabis production, from seed selection to delivering our CBD products to our customers.

The plant used to produce our premium oil is grown on certified organic farms in the Baltic region of Europe and independently lab tested to ensure it is loaded with CBD and below the legal level of THC allowed in the UK and Europe.

All of our products contain the full-spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes; we do not use any isolates, which are prohibited in the UK and Europe.

Full spectrum CBD has a number of other cannabinoid compounds from the cannabis plant, along with low levels of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). Our THC quantities are less than the legal required limit allowed in the UK meaning it is not potent enough to cause the “high” that people typically associate with cannabis.

Full spectrum CBD also contains terpenes from the cannabis plant. Terpenes tend to give plants their scent. Research points to the existence of the “entourage effect,” which suggests that when multiple cannabis plant compounds are present along within the CBD, this increases the health benefits of the CBD.

As full spectrum products contain compounds in addition to CBD, such as THC, they may maximize the “entourage effect.”

Some of the potential benefits of CBD could be:

  • # Anxiety relief
  • # Antioxidant
  • # Anti-inflammatory
  • # Relief from muscle soreness
  • # Pain relief including arthritis or joint pain
  • # Better-quality sleep

Quality – This is our most important value, and why we first started this journey. We want to ensure our cannabis products are one's that our own family would be happy to use, that are made from the highest quality ingredients, have full traceability & ensures the full range of associated benefits. Our products are manufactured in a SALSA approved (Safe and local supplier approval) facility.

Transparent – We believe that everyone should know what they are consuming, you have the right to know where your food has come from. We are proud to be able to present a product that has full traceability and is organic and vegan certified.

Balance – Our belief is that life is all about balance. We like to think that our CBD is an essential tool is helping people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and balance within an ever demanding and busy world!

Natural – We are passionate about ensuing that our oil stays as close to nature as possible. This is why we do not use any chemical extraction methods, artificial flavours or additives. We are proud to say we are approved by the Organic Soil Association and Vegan society.