How to make Kokoro Botanicals Cannabis Tea

How to make Kokoro Botanicals Cannabis Tea

  • By - Sanjay Kareer
  • 19 April, 2021

In recent years, cannabis products have taken the world by storm. Our CBD tea is now more popular than ever, meaning more and more people are enjoying the amazing effects cannabis can have on their physical and mental health. However, historical evidence suggests cannabis tea has been used as a natural medicine for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years, by people in China, India, Jamaica and Egypt to treat all manner of conditions.

Kokoro Botanicals Cannabis Tea

One of the best things about Kokoro Botanicals cannabis tea is its simplicity. Our tea can be prepared in exactly the same way as it would have been in these ancient societies, producing a fresh, light taste with all the benefits of CBD.

All of our products contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes for the most calming effect, and our unique blend of buds and leaves gives the tea a much fresher flavour than that of our competitors.

Our cannabis tea is a fast and effective way to consume CBD; each cup has between 25-40mg CBDa – the raw form of CBD which the human body processes easier, meaning you will feel the effects sooner. Cannabis tea has been shown to offer relief from stress, anxiety and low moods, as well as acting as a great anti-inflammatory which can help with swelling and pain relief.

Here is how to prepare a cup of Cannabis tea using our Individual Tea Bags:

  1. Place a Kokoro botanicals cannabis teabag in your favourite mug or tea brewing pot.
  2. Add boiling water. It is important to use boiling water to extract the maximum amount of CBD.
  3. Leave to brew for up to 20 minutes, covered if possible. Brewing for this amount of time extracts as much CBD as possible and ensures the perfect flavour.

Our unique selection of buds and leaves, cultivated in the beautiful Baltic region by fully EU regulated farmers, gives our cannabis tea its light flavour and strong CBD. The strain of cannabis we use is high in CBD and contains below the legal maximum of THC (0.2%).

You can buy our cannabis tea by simply visiting the shop now section of our online store.

In addition to our tea bags, we also sell a range of CBD hemp oils. Visit our online store to learn more.

As always, if you have any question, please do reach out and we will be happy to help.